K.D. Lang / KD Lang - The Remix Collection CD

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Artist  K.D. Lang
 Title  Remix Collection CD
 Region Import CD
 Price  $15.98


non-continuous Provided by An Import DJ Service featuring rare and lost mixes - for DJ by DJ's w/ Full Artwork.
Track Listings
  1. Miss Chatelaine (Paris '92 Extended Mix) 5.56
  2. Just Keep Me Moving [Movin' Mix] 6.40
  3. Lifted By Love [Elevate Your Love Mix] 6.20
  4. No More Tears (enough is enough)  [Classic Club Mix] 6.04
                  ft. Andy Bell of Erasure)
  5. iIF I Were You [Junior's X-beat Mix] 7.27
  6. Sexuality [Vocal House Mix] 7.10
  7. Theme from Valley of the Dolls [Junior Vasquez anthem] 13.15
  8. Summerfling [Victor Calderone Vocal Mix] 8.58
  9. Consequences Of Falling [Love II Infinity Paradise Mix] 6.29
  10. Just Keep Me Moving [Wild Planet Mix] 6.15
  11. If I Were You [Smokin' lounge Mix] 4.12

$ 15.98

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