Ke$ha - Demos & Unreleased CD

borderline MUSIC

A compilation of songs and demos Kesha wrote that were never released or were released by other artists!  Compiled and released via a DJ Service. HQ glossy disc w/ artwork.

1. Frenzy
2. Mouth
3. 7AM
4. Red Lipstick
5. Only Wana Dance With You (Demo)
6. Run Devil Run
7. A Bad Girl's Lament
8. Disgusting
9. This Love
10. True Love (feat. Katy Perry)
11. Hallucination
12. Secret Weapon
13. Boys Just Suck
14. Let Me Go
15. While You Were   Sleeping
16. Boom Boom Bang
17. Heart Fall Out
18. Hearts On Fire(Remix)
19. Shots On the Hood Of My Car

$ 16.98

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