Kimberly S - RAPTURE (The Factory LA) Various - CD


The Factory Los Angeles Presents  DJ Kimberly S RAPTURE Continuous Mixed CD

Track Listings

1 Not Much Heaven (Uptown Express Mix)  - Uptown Express V Richard Ft; Pepper Mashay 
2 Let The Music Use You Up (Hardattack Club Mix) - Celeda
3 Feel This (Robbie Rivera's Tribal Session Mix)  - Robbie Rivera
4 Drop Some Drums (Original version)  - Love Tattoo
5 Alone  (Eddie Baez and Robbie Tronco Remix) - Sal Dano & Sandy B
6 Running (Victor Calderone Leather Mix) - Information Society
7 And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going (Rosabel Attitude Mix) - Rosabel w/Jennifer holiday
8 Muscle Mary (DJ Peter Peter ft: Charles Les Noit)  - DJ Peter Peter
9 Drum Fever  (Hilo DUB Mix)  - Rivera & Trattner present the Firetomz
10 I Know You Can (That Kid Chris Mix) - Whatever Girl

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