Kylie Minogue - X + Bonus Track (US) CD - Used

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2008 release, the 10th studio album from the Australian Pop Princess. The album features the lead-off single, '2 Hearts', produced by London-based electro band Kish Mauve. Among the other musicians contributing to the album are Cutfather & Jonas, Blood Shy & Avant, Guy Chambers, Cathy Dennis and Calvin Harris. The USA version has 14 tracks - ALL I SEE is not found on the Import release.  Disc has light marks (nothing concerning)

   1. 2 Hearts
  2. Like a Drug
  3. In My Arms
  4. Speakerphone
  5. Sensitized
  6. Heart Beat Rock
  7. The One
  8. No More Rain
  9. All I See
  10. Stars
  11. Wow
  12. Nu-Di-Ty
  13. Cosmic
14. BONUS TRACK: All I See ft: MIMS 

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