Donna De Lory & La Machine de Reve - Open Your Heart 7" Colored Vinyl (Sale)

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2016 Donna teamed up with the electronic lounge group La Machine De Reve' and was the lead vocalist on the album (out now on LP and CD) but this official RARE 45 record was pressed (only 300)!  and we have an exclusive.

Donna recorded Madonna's #1 hit single from 1986 off TRUE BLUE -  Donna has a special connection to this song since her boyfriend at the time wrote the song and he recorded the Demo and passed it on to Madonna who originally passed on the track until he went back into the studio and had Donna re-recorded the Demo and with that new version Madonna signed on to the song. This single was the reason Madonna met Donna and the next year took Donna on tour with her as her back up singer and dancer on the Who's That Girl World Tour '87 and continued to work with Madonna for the next 20 years! 

new / Limited official 45 record / sealed. Limited SALE price to celebrate Donna's new 12" colored vinyl ft: Belinda Carlisle.

1. Open Your Heart (Studio version) 

2. This Hero's Journey 

Listen to a live recording by the band ft: Donna

$ 15.00 $ 20.00

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