Donna De Lory & La Machine de Reve - Welcome To the Dream Machine CD (Signed by Donna)

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La Machine de Reve is an electro lounge band featuring Gregory David Ansin & Anthony Resta & Donna De Lory on lead vocals  (Side project for Donna).  Released in 2017 digital only but due to high demand the album is now out (Dec. 2019) on CD and limited edition Vinyl. The album includes 2 covers:  Madonna's OPEN  YOUR HEART & a haunting version of Peter Gabriel's "IN YOUR EYES"


Red Twilight


In Your Eyes

Hollywood Daydream

Bye Bye Baby

Steam Train

This Here's Journey (LIVE Version)

Open Your Heart (LIVE Version) 


 WATCH and LISTEN to videos/tracks:

Watch the new music video for TEMPORARY

Listen to OPEN YOUR HEART (LIVE) version

Interview with DONNA & band about this project:


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