Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce - Telephone, The Remixes CD

borderline MUSIC

DJ pressing - compiled and pressed by a dj service - housed in slim case w/ artwork and disc art.
  1. Tom Neville's Ear Ringer Radio Mix
  2. Ming Dub
  3. Ming vs Chad North Mix
  4. Ming vs. Chad North Instrumental
  5. Mig's Extended Mix
  6. Kaskade Radio Edit
  7. Electrolightz Remix
  8. DJ Dan's Vocal Mix
  9. DJ Dan's Extended Mix
  10. DJ Dan's Dub
  11. DJ Dar Mix
  12. Alphabeat Remix
  13. Starving DJ's Remix
  14. Paparazzi (Private Mix)
  15. Bad Romance (Aaron Paetsch Radio Mix)

$ 9.00

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