Lady GAGA JUST DANCE & Poke face unreleased Mixes CD

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Artist  Lady GAGA
 Title  JUST DANCE & Poke face unreleased Mixes CD
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $9.98



All the unreleased REMIXES, DUB's, edits, NOT available on the singles. Plus a bonus remix of LOVE GAME. A DJ compilation and pressing. house in slim case with cover art. 


Track Listings
  1. pokerface (jody den broeder radio mix) 3.43
  2. pokerface (dave aude radio mix) 3.53
  3. pokerface (glam as U club mix)7.53
  4. pokerface (LGG vs GLG club mix) 6.36
  5. pokerface (jody den broeder DUB mix)8.07
  6. pokerface (dave aude club DUB mix) 7.28
  7. Just Dance (acapella version) 3.58
  8. Just Dance (HCCR's bambossa radio edit) 3.26
  9. Just Dance ( trevor simpson edit) 3.6
  10. Just Dance (HCCR's bambossa DUB mix) 5.56
  11. LOVE GAME (club remix) 8.11 BONUS
  12. MEGAMIX The Fame (9.47) BONUS

$ 9.98

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