Lady GaGa Unreleased REMIX COLLECTION vol. 1 CD

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 Artist  Lady GaGa
 Title  Unreleased REMIX COLLECTION CD
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $16.98



DJ series. rare and unreleased remixes. DJ pressing - All these mixes are NOT found on any CD remix singles or official French, USA or japan  remix collection..

Provided by A DJ Service - for DJ by DJ's w/ Full Artwork.

Also available VOl.2 on CD

Track Listings
  1. Nothing (on but the radio) unreleased track
  2. Just Dance (matt price mix) 4.36
  3. Poker Face (tommy sparks & the fury mix) 3.59
  4. Lovegame (dave aude FULL club mix) 8.37
  5. Paparazzi (yuksek mix) 4.48
  6. Star Struck (hi-octave dance mix) 3.11
  7. Fashion (extended mix) 6.11
  8. Bad Romance (bimbo jones FULL vocal mix) 7.05
  9. Telephone (ming vs chad north mix) 6.26
  10. Alejandro (dark intensity radio mix) 4.15
  11. Just Dance (robot to mars mix) 4.39
  12. Poker Face (glam as you are mix) 7.53
  13. Paparazzi (moto blanco FULL club mix) 8.01
  14. Bad Romance (dj dan club mix) 5.31

$ 16.98

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