LaToya Jackson - Imagination (Remastered / Expanded Edition) CD - New

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La Toya's 1986 album Re-released, Remastered & Expanded edition with 4 bonus mixes.

'Private I-Records' went bankrupt shortly after the album's release in 1986. Because of the record company's financial problems, the promotion was poor for the album and it failed to chart. Three singles were released, the first being "Baby Sister", which was released in Japan, followed by "He's A Pretender"  and a remix of the title track. Funky Town Grooves announced that it would be issuing the Imagination album on CD for the first time, using the original master tapes as their source. The disc was released in and featured four bonus tracks

  • 1. He's a Pretender
  • 2. On a Night Like This
  • 3. How Do I Tell Them
  • 4. Imagination
  • 5. Baby Sister
  • 6. Weak Spot
  • 7. Love Talk
  • 8. Boys Got Somethin' Girls Ain't Got
  • 9. Imagination [Hot Dance Mix]
  • 10. Imagination [Dub Mix]
  • 1.1 Baby Sister [Instrumental Version] [Instrumental]
  • 12. Imagination [7" Remix]

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