LeAnn Rimes REMIX Collection vol.2 CD

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Artist  LeAnn Rimes
 Title  REMIX Collection vol.2 
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $



LeAnn vol.2 of CLUB Mixes featuring rare, unreleased and out-of-print REMIXES. Includes Ultra rare SOON (hex hector remix) and HEADPHONES (almighty). And our Favorite BUT I DO LOVE YOU (ian van dahl remix). Dj compilation for DJs. .

Provided by A DJ Service - for DJ by DJs w/ Full Artwork.

 Also available LEANN REMIXED vol.1

Track Listings
  1. Strong (Cicada's Stronger Mistake Mix) 7.13
  2. I Need You (Dataluxe Club Mix) 5.44
  3. Life Goes On (29 Palm Mix) 7.13
  4. How Do I Live (Mr.Mig Club Remix) 7.40
  5. Sittin' On Top Of The World (Auoroa Borealis Radio Edit) 4.37
  6. We Can (Bronleewe & Bose Radio Edit) 4.04
  7. Soon (Hex Hector Club Mix) 10:03
  8. Headphones (Almighty 12" Anthem Mix) 8.04
  9. But I Do Love You (Ian Van Dahl edit) 3.35
  10. Good Friend & A Glass Of Wine (Wideboys Club Mix) 5.49
  11. What I Cannot Change (Kaskade Mix) 5.10
  12. Suddenly (Almighty Extended Mix) 7.18
  13. BONUS: Everybody's Someone (Gateway Mix) ft: Brian McFadden 3.45

$ 16.98

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