Lisa Whelchel (Blair) - All Because Of You LP 1984 Vinyl - Used

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Lisa - best know for playing BLAIR WARNER on the Facts Of Life - release a album in 1984 

Christian Rock Pop

The album reached #17 on the Billboard Contemporary Christian Music chart. It also was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Inspiration Performance, ultimately losing to Donna Summer's "Forgive Me". Lisa did not record a second album.

  1. “Love Believer”
  2. “Just Obey”
  3. “How High, How Deep, How Wide”
  4. “Real Possibility”
  5. “Good Girl”
  6. “Shelter”
  7. “Set Me Free”
  8. “Cover Me, Lord”
  9. “All Because of You”
  10. “He Sings Me to Sleep”

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