Liza Minnelli - At Carnegie Hall LIVE 2xCD - Used

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Double CD ( Thick jewel case) 

Disc: 1

1 I Happen To Like New York
2 Here I'll Stay/Our Love Is Here to Stay
3 Old Friends
4 I Never Has Seen Snow
5 If You Hadn't, But You Did
6 I Don't Want To Know
7 Some People
8 How Deep Is The Ocean
9 I Can See Clearly Now/I Can See It
10 Married/You Better Sit Down, Kids
11 Ring Them Bells

Disc: 2

1 The Sweetest Sounds
2 Toot Toot Tootsie
3 Buckle Down Winsocki
4 Alexander's Ragtime Band
5 Somewhere Out There
6 Lonely Feet
7 You Can Have Him/Time Heals Everything
8 Ebb & Kander Medley I: Introduction/Liza With a Z/All I Need Is One Good Break/Sing Happy...
9 Ebb & Kander Medley II: Liza With a Z/Mein Herr/Money, Money
10 Maybe This Time
11 Ebb & Kander Medley III: I'm One Of The Smart Ones/Yes/City Lights/Liza With a Z/But, The ...
12 Ebb & Kander Medley IV: Cabaret/Cabaret (Bows)
13 New York, New York/New York, New York (Bows)

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