Liza Minnelli -Results 2017 Import CD

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2017 remastered CD reissue. Results is a legendary collaboration between the Hollywood actress/singer and the London electro-pop duo Pet Shop Boys. The album contains three covers and seven Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant penned tracks. The lead single 'Losing My Mind' (Stephen Sondheim) was the biggest hit (of four) in the U.K. and Europe followed by the 1979 hit single 'Love Pains'. The album also contains two Pet Shop Boys classics, 'Rent' from Actually and 'Tonight Is Forever' from Please and 'Twist In My Sobriety' a cover from Tanita Tikaram's 1988 debut album Ancient Heart. The album reached the European charts and the GOLD status in the U.K. and Spain.

1 Disc set - remastered. Import reissue May 2017


1. I want you now

2. Losing My Mind

3. If there was love

4. So sorry, I said

5. Don't drop bombs

6. Twist in my sobriety 

7. Rent

8. Love Pains

9. Tonight is forever

10. I can't say goodnight 

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