M People - One Night in Heaven: The Best of M People + Remixes 2XCD

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One Night in Heaven: The Best of M People  contains their greatest hit singles as well as selected album tracks and remixes. The album was re-released in 2009 as One Night in Heaven: The Very Best of M People with a different track listing including extra tracks.  Almost all the remixes are NOT found on their 2019 GOLD release best of w/ mixes.

Disc 1

  1. "Moving On Up 
  2. "How Can I Love You More?
  3. "One Night In Heaven
  4. "Search For The Hero
  5. "Colour My Life
  6. "Excited"
  7. "Fantasy Island
  8. "Open Your Heart 
  9. "Dreaming
  10. "Walk Away"
  11. "Just For You 
  12. "Angel St.
  13. " Itchycoo Park
  14. "Renaissance
  15. "What A Fool Believes
  16. "Sight For Sore Eyes
  17. "Melody of Life"
  18. "Love Rendezvous

Disc 2 

  1. "Precious Pearl"
  2. "Testify 
  3. "Someday"
  4. "Don't look Any Further 
  5. "Just for You (Rae & Christian Mix)" Not on GOLD
  6. "Search for the Hero (Smith & Mighty Remix)"   Not on GOLD
  7. "Angel St (Joey Negro Disco Mix)"   Not on GOLD
  8. "Moving on Up (MK Movin' Mix)"  Not on GOLD
  9. "Itchycoo Park (Morales Classic Club Mix)"  Not on GOLD
  10. "Dreaming (Jimmy Gomez Vocal Remix)"   Not on GOLD
  11. "One Night in Heaven (Club Mix)"  
  12. "Kiss It Better"  Not on GOLD

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