Madonna - 1983 Promotional Lithograph Print 24x36 #1486 (US orders only)

borderline MUSIC

USA ORDERS ONLY on this item! 

 Large  Lithograph Numbered Print 
1 sided
official from SIRE 

 no tape or tears. no holes / 

What is Lithograph ? :
Lithos is Greek for "stone", and a stone surface has traditionally been involved in lithography, though a metal plate may take its place today. The lithographic process was invented around 1796 and soon became the main method of printing books and newspapers. Artists use lithography to produce prints and art lithographs sometimes resemble older types of prints, including etchings, engravings, and woodcuts. Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Joan Miró, and M. C. Escher are among the many artists who have used lithography to produce important original works. 

Story Behind this poster I was told by my Warner Rep in 2009.  

In Warner Bros warehouse in NYC in 2009 they found untouched Lithographs from when the album was initially released.
They were doing inventory when She left Warner Bros to go to Live Nation.
Few select stores received these prints at the time - Only 5000 made (not sure how many were sent out to stores)
each hand numbered.

see size of poster next to a standard 12" vinyl - (VINYL NOT INCLUDED) obvi.
Ships in a tube.

edge corner wear as expected- but these  are in great condition but always edge /corner wear to be expected.

$ 100.00

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