MADONNA Blonde Ambition JAPAN DVD Sale

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 Artist  MADONNA
 Title  Blonde Ambition JAPAN DVD
 Region  IMPORT (NTSC)
 Price  $19.98


Digital copy taken from the Laser Disc - The best quality from this show out there and the ONLY way to get this tour on DVD. LIVE tour
 Track Listings

  1. Full 2 hour show - LIVE IN JAPAN (Full pony tail throughout the show). This is Not the night it rained.

  1. express yourself
  2. open your heart
  3. causing a commotion 
  4. where's the party
  5. like a virgin
  6. like a prayer
  7. live to tell
  8. oh father
  9. papa don't preach
  10. sooner or later
  11. hanky panky
  12. now i'm following you
  13. material girl
  14. cherish
  15. into the groove
  16. vogue
  17. holiday
  18. keep it together.

$ 19.98

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