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 Title  B-sides vol.1  CD
 Region  IMPORT
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vol.1 of unreleased tracks and B-sides. Also, check out vol's 2,3 & 4

Bsides -- Dj service compilation and CD pressing -

Track Listings
  1. Sidewalk talk  (Single from Jellybean's Wotupski!?! 1984)
  2. Ain't no big deal  (B-side to True Blue) Originally recorded for the 1st album but replaced with Holiday
  3. Gambler  (from Vision Quest Soundtrack)
  4. Supernatural (B-side to Cherish) 
  5. The Beast Within  (B-side to Justify My Love) 
  6. Goodbye to innocence  (from Just Say Roe: Volume VII)
  7. Up down suite  (B-side to Rain) 
  8. Let down your guard (B-side to Secret) 
  9. get over (with Nick Scotti) 12" Remix
  10. Guilty by Association (with Joe Henry)
  11. Has to be  (B-side to Ray Of Light) 
  12. Cyberraga  (B-side to Music single)  Cyber-raga
  13. Bittersweet (with Deepak Chopra)
  14. Intoxicated by Love  (from Deepak Chopra) 
  15. If you forget me (Il Postino soundtrack)
  16. Freedom  (from the benefit album Carnival!) 

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