MADONNA - The B-side Collection vol. 2 CD

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 Title  B-sides vol.2 CD Bsides
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 Price  $18.98

  Collection of 19 Amazing Demos, 12" Versions, B-sides, Unreleased tracks. Includes the rare Intro from the early 80s Madonna recorded for Naked Eyes while in the studio with Jellybean when he was doing the 12" remix for the group. 

Also available are Madonna's B-side collections 1,3 and 4 


1. Intro (Madonna Promises)  :33
2. Stay (1981 Demo) 
3. Sidewalk Talk (Original 12" Mix) 6:07
4. Gambler (Original 12" Mix) 5:36
5. Frozen (Acoustic version) 2:32
6.  Power Of Goodbye (Demo Version) Lower audio 
7. Substitute For Love (Demo Version) Lower audio 
8. Time Stood Still (from the Next Best Thing soundtrack)
9. Gone Gone Gone (Music b-side) 
10. Flower (Ray Of Light unreleased) 
11. Into The New Groove (Extended Version) Ft: Missy Elliot
12. Revenge (Ray Of Light Demo) 
13.  Ray Of Light vs Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order) 5:04
14. Liquid Love (Ray Of Light unreleased) 
15. Superpop (Confessions b-side) 
16. Fighting Spirit  (Confessions b-side) 
17. Imagine (Studio Version) 
18. Hey You (Live Earth Theme) 
19. The Beat Goes On (Hard Candy Demo) 3:54

$ 18.98

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