MADONNA B-sides vol. 3 Bsides CD

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 Title  B-sides vol. 3 CD
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $18.98

  Vol. 3 to the series of unreleaed b-sides, demos, extended mixes, rarities and more. Includes the original demo of GET TOGether and HEARTBEAT (ft: Nicole Scherzinger from Pussycat Dolls).  Plus the full vocal version of EACH TIME YOU BREAK MY HEART that Madonna gave to Nick Kamin. Madonna did record the demo (low quality but the full version). Other highlights are the extended versions of SPOTLIGHT and SOONER OR LATER. 


1. Triggering Your Senses (3:29)
2. Get Together (Confessions Demo) 3:51
3. Heartbeat ft: Nicole Scherzinger (Hard Candy Demo) 3:46
4. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room (William Ordbit Demo) 4:14
5. Has To Be (Early DUB Demo) 6:39
6. The Game (3:07)
7. Is This Love (Bon d' Accord) Hello Suckers Musical Demo (3:05)
8. Keep The Trance (4:45)
9. History (Land Of The Free) American Life b-side (4:46)
10. Just A Dream - Donna De Lory ft: Madonna on backing vocals (Written and produced by Madonna) 
11. Get Up (80's Demo) 4:52
12. Crimes Of Passion (80's Demo) 3:47
13. Sooner Or Later (Orchestra Extended Version) 4:55
14. Spotlight ('88 Extended Version) 10:09
15. Erotic Summer (Erotica Demo) 5:08
16. Dear Father (Like A Prayer Unreleased) 4:13
17. Each Time You Break My Heart (Studio Demo) Low Quality (4:24) 

$ 18.98

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