Madonna Confessions Tour Studio Rehearsals(2 CD Set)

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Artist  Madonna
 Title  Confessions Tour Studio Rehearsals(2 CD Set)
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $22.98



Includes the version of "Everybody" that was supposed to appear on tour but switched out last minute! Also has bonus rare remixes! Double CD set plus Bonus Mixes with full artwork.
Track Listings
  1. Future Lovers/I Feel Love
  2. Get Together
  3. Like A Virgin
  4. Jump
  5. Live To Tell
  6. Forbidden Love
  7. Isaac
  8. Sorry
  9. Like It Or Not
  10. Sorry(Remix Interlude)
  11. I Love New York
  12. Ray Of Light
  13. Let It Will Be
  14. CD 2 - Drowned World
  15. Paradise(Not For Me)
  16. Music Inferno
  17. Erotica
  18. Everybody
  19. Lucky Star
  20. Hung Up
  21. Bonus Tracks - La Isla Bonita(Extended Version)
  22. Hung Up(Unreleased Dub Mix)
  23. How High(Unreleased Vocal Mix)
  24. Drowned World/Substitute For Love(BT & Sasha Remix)
  25. Let It Will Be(Paper Faces Full Vocal Mix)

$ 22.98

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