Madonna - Dangerous Game Blu-Ray (new)

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Abel Ferrara, the director of the thought-provoking Welcome To New York and Bad Lieutenant explores the dark side of the artistic mind in Dangerous Game. Enfant terrible director, Eddie Israel (Harvey Keitel, Bad Lieutenant) is in Los Angeles working on his latest project, a lacerating tale of a crumbling marriage, in what will become a cinematic Rorschach test as on-screen events mirror his own deteriorating marriage and the personal lives of his actors. Eddie will push the jaded leading lady, Sarah Jennings (Madonna, Desperately Seeking Susan) and her promiscuous co-star, Francis Burns (James Russo, Extremities) to the brink of insanity all while capturing every lurid detail on celluloid. Dangerous Game, written by Nicholas St. John (King of New York) co-stars Nancy Ferrara (The Blackout), Reilly Murphy (Body Snatchers) and Victor Argo (Taxi Driver).

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