Madonna - Emmy & The Emmys (1979-81 recordings) CD

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Before MADONNA released Everybody  she formed a band called "Emmy & The Emmys" (named after her nickname at the time EMMY).  These early recordings 1979-81 include rare studio, LIVE and Demos.

Note: Audio quality vary especially in the rare LIVE recordings. 

Dj pressing with full artwork in jewel case.  New inner artwork as of Oct. 2020.


1. Love On The Run 

2. Drowning (Demo)

3. Come On 

4. No Time For Love 

5. Little Boy Lost

6. Walk Outside 

7. Bells Ringing

8. I Want You (Studio)

9. Love For Tender

10. Society Boy

11. Shine  A Light 

12. Are You Ready For It

13. Remembering Your Touch 

14. Get Up

15. Love Express

16. Love For Tender (LIVE) 

17. Love On The Run (LIVE) 

18. Drowning (LIVE) 

19. I Want You (Demo)

20. Burning Up (Demo) 

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