Madonna - I Rise CD single pt 1 (The Official Remixes)

borderline MUSIC

Dj service collection & Pressing of the Official Grammy nominated remixes (Congrats Tracy Young).

Housed in slim came with cover art on HQ glossy disc w// art pressed on HQ glossy CD-R with pic.


-   More remixed CD singles off of MADAME X available. 

Also available "I RISE" PT.2  -- 



Tracy Young Pride Radio Remix 3:51

Tracy Young Pride Extended Remix 6:32

Kue Drops The Funk Remix 5:56

Daybreakers Remix 5:24

Thomas Gold Remix 3:17

DJLW Remix 4:36

Offer Nissim Remix 6:56

Bonus Mixes:

DJ Irene & The Alliance Remix 3:50 

Tracy Young Pride DUB 6:32 

$ 11.98

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