MADONNA Like A Virgin (Re-mastered + 2 Bonus Mixes) CD - New

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 Title  Like A Virgin (Re-mastered + Bonus Mixes) CD
 Region  USA
 Price  $9.98



Digitally REMASTERED in Dolby Sound in 2001, so trade in your 1985 mono CD and hear this the way it was meant to be heard. Not only has this been Remastered but now it includes 2 added bonus12" remixes, so upgrade to this version! New Low Price

New. sealed CD - small PROMO CUT on left Side jewel case. 

Track Listings
  1. Material Girl (went to # 2, she met Sean Penn on the set of this Video)
  2. Angel (went to #5 without a video, also a Great remix found on the Import 12" collection vol. 1)
  3. Like A Virgin (went to #1)
  4. Over And Over ( rare Tracy Young remix floating out there somewhere-- anyone has it pls let us know) Tracy remixed in for the Rug Rats soundtrack 20 years ago for the Maverick Label but it was never released.)
  5. Love Don't Live Here Anymore (went top 10 in Japan in 1985 but re-released as a single from the Cd "Something to Remember" in the USA in 1996 at went to #78)
  6. Dress You Up (hit # 5 on Billboard Hot 100 in 1985)
  7. Shoo-Bee-Doo
  8. Pretender (original demo version with alternate lyrics found on the "Pre-Madonna CD)
  9. Stay 
  10. Like A Virgin -[ EXTENDED REMIX 12"] BONUS 
  11. Material Girl - [EXTENDED REMIX 12"] BONUS 

$ 9.98

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