MADONNA Mash-Ups vol.1 CD

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 Title  Mash-Ups vol.1 CD
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $16.98


Amazing collection of Madonna songs mashed beautifully with other artists. This new series is HOT!! a must-have for any MADONNA or music fan!


Track Listings
  1. Music vs I Just Can't Get Enough (Madonna vs Depeche Mode)
  2. Beautiful Stranger vs Small Town Boy (Madonna Vs Bronski Beat)
  3. Into The Groove vs Treasure (Madonna vs Bruno Mars)
  4. Lucky Star vs Get Lucky (Madonna vs Daft Punk)
  5. Give Me All Your Luvin' vs Bang Bang (Madonna vs Jessy J, Ariana, Nicki)
  6. Girl Gone Wild vs Let There Be Love (Madonna vs Christina Aguilera)
  7. Vogue vs We Found Love (Madonna vs Cavin Harris & Rihanna)
  8. Holiday vs Never Gonna Give You Up (Madonna vs Rick Astley)
  9. Like A Prayer vs Hung Up (Madonna vs Madonna)
  10. Ray Of Light vs Bizarre Love Triangle (Madonna vs New Order)
  11. Secret vs Spring Affrair (Madonna vs Donna Summer)
  12. Don't Tell Me vs We Can't Stop (Madonna vs Miley Cyrus)
  13. 4 Minutes vs Blurred Lines (Madonna vs Robin Thicke)
  14. Celebration vs Love Game (Madonna vs Gaga & Pitbull)
  15. Express Yourself vs Born This Way vs Liquid Love (Madonna Vs GAGA vs Madonna)
  16. Gang Bang vs Bang Bang & Kill Bill (Madonna vs Nancy Sinatra & Bon Jovi)

$ 16.98

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