MADONNA Masterpiece / Superstar : DJ pressing CD single

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 Title  Masterpiece / Superstar CD single
 Region  IMPORT
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Limited Edition Dj Pressing - made by Dj's for Dj's. limited run. Great Addition to your MADONNA collection! tracks 2 & 3 are high energy CLUB Remixes of Masterpiece and the remix for SUPERSTAR is the ONLY official remix so far. Tracks owned by Interscope , records but not released through Interscope, but still an amazing addition to your collection.

Song found on Madonna's 2012 album: MDNA and this song won a Emmy for best original song from a movie (W./E.) 

Track Listings
  1. Masterpiece (Kid Capri's Remix) 3:58
  2. Masterpiece (Gustavo Scorpio Remix) 7:11
  3. Masterpiece (Sandy Resek Club Mix) 9:44
  4. Maserpiece (Acoustic) 3:58
  5. Masterpiece(Thief In The Night Extended Version) 9:37
  6. Superstar (Eddie Amador Remix) 6:19 BONUS

$ 9.98

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