MADONNA MDNA LIVE in Amsterdam 2CD + bonus tracks (sale)

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 Title  MDNA LIVE in Amsterdam CD
 Region  IMPORT


2 CD set recorded in Amsterdam includes bonus track mixed perfectly into the LIVE Set. BEST MDNA LIVE version out there for an unofficial release. Full artwork. The audio was enhanced. See also the official MDNA tour LIVE release.
 Track Listings
  1. Religious Intro
  2. Girl Gone Wild
  3. Revolver
  4. Gang Bang
  5. Papa Don't Preach
  6. Hung Up
  7. I Don't Give A
  8. Best Friend (Interlude)
  9. Express Yourself/Born This Way/ She's Not Me
  10. Give Me All Your Luvin'
  11. Turn Up The Hits (Interlude)
  12. Turn Up The Radio
  13. Open Your Heart
  14. Masterpiece
  Justify My Love
   Erotic Candy Shop
   Human Nature
   Like A Virgin
  Love Spent
   Don't Cry For Me Argentina (BONUS)
   Je T' aime (BONUS)
   Beautiful Killer (BONUS)
   Nobody Knows Me (Interlude)
   I'm Addicted
   I'm A Sinner
   Like A Prayer

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