Madonna + Otto Von Wernherr - In The Beginning 12" + Interview LP VINYL _ used

borderline MUSIC

1987 UK Double 12" LP  Import 

Madonna's EARLY recordings w/ OTTO -  Very goth

Vinyls inside in VG++ condition - cleaned and tested.

cover sleeve has top corner creases due to thickness of the 2 LPs inside.  (images looks worse that it is) 

12"  Tracks: 33RPM

Wild Dancing (Extended Dance Mix)

Cosmic Climb (Extended Dance Mix)

   side 2--------

We Are The Gods

Wild Dancing 

Cosmic Climb 


- Interview: Madonna talks about  (each side under 5 min.) 45RPM

side 1

Rehearsing VIRGIN TOUR + highlights of the VT

Stephen Bray 


where she performed early in her career + signing with Breakfast Club 

side 2

Danceateria and getting her tape played at the club

Her Image early on + Borderline's crossover

Success of the first album due to MTV

what was to come : Shanghai Surprise + Sean's LIVE TO TELL 

Be true to yourself.








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