Madonna: Pre-Madonna CD (NEW) Breakfast Club Emmy Demos + Mixes

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Artist  Madonna
 Title  Pre-Madonna CD
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $29.98



The Material Mom's original demos. Officially released in 1996 by Stephen Bray. New.sealed CD - now out of print and very collectible - we have just a couple left. 

These early demos and 1997 re-works are really amazing especially in this official release. Everybody was originally mixed with a reggae beat , Ain't No Big Deal was dropped off the First Album and replaced with "Holiday".  Stay was the early incarnation that ended up re-written with most of the STAY hooks and put on "Like A Virgin" album. 

Track Listings
  1. Laugh to keep from crying
  2. Crimes of passion
  3. Ain't no big deal (1997 edit)
  4. Everybody (1997 version)
  5. Burning up (1981 demo version)
  6. Ain't no big deal (1981 demo)
  7. Everybody (1981 demo version)
  8. Stay (1981 Demo)
  9. Don't you know
  10. Ain't no big deal (1997 extended)

$ 29.98

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