Madonna Ray Of Light Remix Edition CD

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 Title  Ray Of Light 2013 Remix Edition REMIXED 
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $16.98


Remix Edition for the 15th Anniversary. All the tracks are in the same order but new and rare remix versions. Re-discover ROL! Provided by An Import DJ Service - for DJ by DJs w/ Full Artwork.
Track Listings
  1. Drowned World/ Substitute For Love (2013 New Demo Mix) 6:07
  2. Swim (Thunderpuss Club Mix) 8:04
  3. Ray Of Light (Electro Remix Edit) 4:32
  4. Candy Perfume Girl (Delicious Fire Remix) 4:32
  5. Skin (Achille's Epidermis Remix) 6:13
  6. Nothing Really Matters (Future Mix) 5:53
  7. Sky Fits Heaven (Traveling Down This Road Remix) 8:17
  8. Shanti Ashtangi (Cosmos Trance Remix) 7:33
  9. Frozen (Sunrise Remix) 7:14
  10. The Power Of Goodbye (Johnnie's Disco In Love Club Mix) 6:28
  11. To Have And Not To Hold (Moth To A Flame Trance Remix) 2:19
  12. Mer Girl (Future Dub Mix) 5:34
  13. Little Star (Extended Love Version) 7:10

$ 16.98

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