MADONNA Re_Invented Videos DVD

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 Artist  MADONNA
 Title  Re_Invented Videos DVD
 Region  IMPORT (NTSC)
 Price  $19.98



Amazing Re_INVENTED Music Video Collection . Videos made for or re-invented versions.

Like INTO THE GROOVE (they take all her LIVE performances of this song and edit it into one video), ANIMAL (B-side song) - they made a video using her footage from the Dolce & Gabanna eyewear commercial and edited in scenes from a thriller movie-- done perfectly ! to the official YOU CAN DANCE Hot tracks Video Mix from 1987! Another great video is for the track "LIQUID LOVE" they took footage from RAIN and colorized the video in BLUE and edited it to the song. MORE : dick tracy footage intercut with her performance of MORE from the Film (the video they should have made back in the day), Plus official tour video images in HQ. 

Back in stock by demand. NTSC (DVD-r with full packaging) 

 Track Listings
  1. Intro (Do I Have to say I'm Madonna 1983)
  2. Megamix
  3. Holiday 1983
  4. More
  5. Revolver
  6. Burning Up (MIX)
  7. Give It 2 Me
  8. Animal
  9. Beast within
  10. Broken
  11. Into the Groove (Live Megamix)
  12. Get Stupid (tour video mix)
  13. Liquid Love
  14. Vogue (video re-invention tour mix)
  15. I Surrender Dear
  16. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
  17. X-Static Process
  18. Dolce & Gabanna Commercial Mix
  19. Holiday vs Stardust
  20. You Can Dance (official Megamix)
  21. Give It 2 Me (tour video Mix)
  22. Revolver (paul van dyk mix)
  23. Love Letter to Hydrangeas (end)

$ 19.98

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