Madonna - Something To Remember (First Pressing) special packaging. (Used Promo CD)

borderline MUSIC

First pressing -- was designed with cover/booklet and no back art as the CD was designed to be the back art - Madonna wanted no image of herself on the back stating she wanted the music to speak for itself.  CD art is limited/second pressing includes back art and different CD art.  

Selling 2,300,000 copies in the US alone and over 10 million copies worldwide.  


  •  I Want You w/ Massive Attack (Exclusive New track)
  •  I'll Remember (Theme from the Motion Picture "With Honors")
  •  Take a Bow
  •  You'll See
  •  Crazy for You (From the Motion Picture "Vision Quest")
  •  This Used to Be My Playground
  •  Live to Tell  From the Motion Picture "At Close Range")
  •  Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Remix)
  •  Something to Remember
  •  Forbidden Love
  •  One More Chance (Exclusive New Track)
  •  Rain
  •  Oh Father 
  • I Want You (Orchestral Album Version)

$ 10.00

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