MADONNA True Blue (Remastered + 2 BONUS 12" mixes) CD - New

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 Title  True Blue (Remastered + BONUS) CD
 Region  USA
 Price  $9.98

  NEW/sealed CD


REMASTERED in 2001 with 2 Bonus tracks added: 'True Blue" ( the color mix) & La Isla Bonita (extended remix) What a difference the 'remastering' has made on this 1986 masterpiece, hear the music how it was intended to be heard - they just didn't have the technology back then to do it. 

Track Listings
  1. Papa don't Preach
  2. Open your Heart
  3. White Heat
  4. Live to tell
  5. Where's the Party?
  6. True Blue
  7. La Isla Bonita
  8. Jimmy Jimmy
  9. Love Makes The World Go Round
  10. True Blue (The Color Mix)
  11. La Isla Bonita (Extended Remix)

$ 9.98

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