MADONNA Unreleased Confessions LIVE CD +Bonus

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 Title  Unreleased Confessions LIVE +Bonus
 Region  Canada
 Price  $16.98


featuring the 8 Live Confessions Tour tracks left off the official CD/DVD plus BONUS live tracks and 3 rare Extended studio mixes
Track Listings
  1. get together live(confessions live)
  2. live to tell live(confessions live)
  3. forbidden love (confessions live)
  4. like it or not (confessions live)
  5. ray of light (confessions live)
  6. drowned world (confessions live)
  7. paradise[not for me] (confessions live)
  8. la isla bonita (confessions live)
  9. hung up (extended)
  10. forbidden love (extended)
  11. jump (extended)
  12. like a prayer (Live 8)
  13. Imagine (Tsunami Aid Live)
  14. la isla bonita (Live Earth 07)  Bonus track 

$ 16.98

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