Moby ft: Gwen Stefani - South Side (Maxi Cd single) Used


CD maxi remix single from 2000 - Jewel case

The song was written and produced by Moby and appears on his album Play which was released in 1999. The original album version of “South Side” does not feature Gwen due to technical problems during production. The take featured on the album sounds identical to the version released with Gwen’s vocals on it. The version with Gwen however was released as a CD single (with a shortened guitar solo) and is also found on his re-issue of Play, mostly due to the success of “South Side”.

“South Side” was released on November 7, 2000 and peaked at #3 on Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks and #14 on the Hot 100 chart.

7 tracks: 
South Side  ft: Gwen (single version)
South Side  ft: Gwen (Hybrid Dishing Pump Remix) 8:27
 SOUTH SIDE (Album version)
 SOUTH SIDE (Pete Heller Park Lane Vocal) 8:26
 Ain't Never Learned 
SOUTH SIDE (Hybrid Dishing Pump Instrumental) 
The Sun Never Stops Setting

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