Mozella - I WILL - Promo CD - Used

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Mozella - the artist you love but don't know her. 

Mozella was signed to Madonna's Maverick lable in 2003 . She wrote Miley's WRECKING BALL, song on the Jonas Brothers's Happiness Beginning come-back Album, Ellie Goulding, Kelly Clarkson's hit "Love So Soft" and for the Madonna fans - she co-wrote with Madonna 11 of the 19 songs on Madonna's REBEL HEART Album.

this is her solo album from 2006 on Maverick's label - rare promo (Gold stamp on cover w/ Hype sticker) 


You Wanted It

Love is something

Killing Time

I Will


Can't Stop


Last $20

Going Home

What to say 

 Light years away  

$ 9.99

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