Naked Music presents: Bare Essentials vol.One - Used CD

borderline MUSIC

Naked Music the masters in House Lounge - Such a Great Series! a Must Have to the music collector.

1 Petalpusher Breakin' It Down (Jay's Blue Vocal)
2 Blue Six Music & Wine (Th'Attaboy Vocal)
3 Lovetronic You Are Love (Original Version)
4 Groove Collective Everything Is Changing (Swag Remix)
5 Petalpusher Surrender (Original)
6 Nightsource Don't Ya Wanna?
7 Summerland Soulmate (Original)
8 Petalpusher Breakin' It Down (Mig's Bump Deluxe Mix)
9 Blue Six Music & Wine (Jay's Conga Lounge Vocal)
10 Lovetronic You Are Love (Si Brad's Payback Dub)
11 Petalpusher Surrender (Attaboy Remix Edit
12 Summerland Soulmate (Restless Soul Moontime Dub)
13 Blue Six Pure (Original)

$ 5.99

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