Natalia Kills - Perfectionist (IMPORT) Bonus Tracks

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International edition includes five bonus tracks. 2011 album from the British singer, songwriter and director. Natalia wanted to be a pitch-dark pop star in the time-honored tradition of Kate Bush and Depeche Mode. So Natalia left school and moved to London alone to pursue her desire to creatively express herself through music and film at just 14. After four successful years on prime time BBC television and radio, and several songs in box office film sound tracks, she set out on a mission to combine her love of music, film and the stage into one frame. Her initial songwriting forays were to develop into the pop gravitas of Natalia Kills' solo material - from the creeping keys and whip-cracking breaks of "Zombie" to the heaven-sent harmonies and Eurythmics-like head-rush of "Mirrors."


  •  Perfection (BONUS TRACK) 
  •  Wonderland
  •  Free [ft:]
  •  Kill My Boyfriend (BONUS TRACK) 
  •  Break You Hard
  •  Zombie
  •  Love Is a Suicide
  •  Mirrors
  •  Not in Love (BONUS TRACK) 
  •  Acid Annie
  •  Superficial
  •  Broke
  •  Heaven  (BONUS TRACK) 
  • Nothing Lasts Forever (BONUS TRACK) 
  •  If I Was God

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