Natalie Imbruglia - MALE (CD)

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 Artist  Natalie Imbruglia
 Title  MALE  CD
 Region  USA
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2015 album from the three-time Grammy nominee, songwriter, actor and model. Imbruglia's inspiration for her new album from her favorite male songwriters. As the title suggests, Male - her first album since 2009 - is a collection of classic and contemporary songs all performed by men including Cat Stevens ("The Wind"), Tom Petty ("The Waiting"), Neil Young ("Only Love Can Break Your Heart"), Damien Rice ("Cannonball"), Peter Townshend ("Let My Love Open the Door") and The Cure ("Friday I'm in Love"). The first single from Male is "Instant Crush," which was originally recorded by the electro-pop Grammy winners Daft Punk.
 Track Listings
  1. Instant Crush
  2. Cannonball
  3. The Summer
  4. I'll Follow You Into the Dark
  5. Friday I'm in Love
  6. Naked As We Came
  7. Let My Love Open the Door
  8. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  9. I Melt with You
  10. The Waiting
  11. The Wind

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