New Order: Complete Music - 2CD of Extended Mixes - New

borderline MUSIC

2016 two CD release. Complete Music contains the extended versions as originally found on the Music Complete limited edition vinyl box set. Complete Music finds the group revitalized, and where the group has previously pushed toward electronics or guitars, here the two are in balance. Complete Music also marks a return to the studio for Gillian Gilbert; this is her first album with New Order since 2001's Get Ready. Complete Music is produced by New Order, except 'Singularity' and 'Unlearn This Hatred', both produced by Tom Rowlands (Chemical Brothers), while 'Superheated' features additional production by Stuart Price (Madonna, The Killers, New Order).  Brandon Flowers, who named The Killers after the band in New Order's video for 'Crystal,' lends his  vocals on 'Superheated'.  Iggy Pop applies his unique tones to 'Stray Dog,' creating a brooding track that blends perfectly with the eclectic array of sounds on Complete Music. La Roux is featured on 'Tutti Frutti,' 'People on the High Line,' and provides backing vocals on 'Plastic.'


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