New Order - International: The Best Of New Order CD/DVD

Borderline MUSIC

Limited CD/DVD edition 

Two Decades of Timeless Pop & Club Hits by the Innovative Pioneers, with a Limited-Edition Bonus DVD!

INTERNATIONAL: THE BEST OF NEW ORDER spins 14 U.K. and U.S. chart and club hits released on singles, 12" discs and albums between 1981-2001.

CD-1 Ceremony 4:25
CD-2 Blue Monday (12") 7:25
CD-3 Confusion 4:42
CD-4 Thieves Like Us 6:38
CD-5 The Perfect Kiss 4:50
CD-6 Shellshock (12") 6:30
CD-7 Bizarre Love Triangle (Extended Dance Mix)
(Shep Pettibone Remix) 
CD-8 True Faith 5:51
CD-9 Touched By The Hand Of God (Original 12") 7:04
CD-10 Round And Round 4:00
CD-11 Regret 4:09
CD-12 Crystal 6:51
CD-13 60 Miles An Hour 4:35
CD-14 Here To Stay (Radio Edit) 3:56
DVD-1 Blue Monday (Live From "5/11") 7:21
DVD-2 True Faith 5:03
DVD-3 The Perfect Kiss 5:52

$ 9.00

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