Norah Jones - Not Too Late [Deluxe Edition] CD+DVD -- Used

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2006 Limited DELUXE Edition CD / DVD  - used near mint. (CD DVD-VideoAll MediaDeluxe EditionDigipak) with slip cover. 


CD-1 Wish I Could 4:18
CD-2 Sinkin' Soon 4:38
CD-3 The Sun Doesn't Like You 2:59
CD-4 Until The End 3:56
CD-5 Not My Friend 2:54
CD-6 Thinking About You
CD-7 Broken 3:19
CD-8 My Dear Country 3:25
CD-9 Wake Me Up 2:46
CD-10 Be My Somebody 3:36
CD-11 Little Room 2:43
CD-12 Rosie's Lullaby 3:56
CD-13 Not Too Late 3:30
Bonus DVD
DVD-1 Thinking About You [Music Video] 3:20
DVD-2 Until The End [Music Video] 4:01
DVD-3 Sinkin' Soon [Music Video] 4:47
DVD-4 Interview With Norah 10:39
DVD-5 Thinking About You [Behind The Scenes At The Video Shoot] 2:41
DVD-6 Sinkin' Soon [Behind The Scenes At The Video Shoot] 5:28
DVD-7 Until The End (Live) 4:16
DVD-8 Sinkin' Soon (Live) 4:25


$ 15.00

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