Lydia Prim - Party Groove Blue Ball, Vol. 4 - CD (NEW)

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Blue Ball 4 continues the progressive spirit of the series. Philadelphia's premier dance event collaborates with Centaur Entertainment and Lydia Prim to bring one of the year's best collections.  New sealed CD

  1. The Music [Original Mix] - Lucky 7
  2. How Would U Feel [Stereo Anthem Mix] - David Morales ft: Lea-Lorien
  3. Addicted [Eric Kupper Vocal Mix] - MIA
  4. I Need Music [Groovemaster K Full Vocal] - Davidson Ospina ft: Andricka 
  5. Stand Up [Gambafreaks Porno's Mix] - Pussy Dub Foundation
  6. Save the Music - Gen Hunt
  7. Magalenha [Bongoloverz Mix] - Bellini & Mendonca do rio 
  8. Luvin' [Sun Swirl Mix] - Norty Cotto ft: Happy Hour
  9. The Love You Need [Gothek D.C. Solar Remix] - When is Dark 
  10. Tonight [Master Club Mix] - Barton 
  11. True Faith [Mike Cruz Tribal Club Mix] - K
  12. Higher Thoughts [Original Mix] - Matthew Dekay Band

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