Party Groove - Blue Ball, vol. 5 - CD (New)

borderline MUSIC

DJ Roland Belmares makes the fifth and final volume of Philadelphia's biggest dance event, Blue Ball, one if the best yet. His high octance mix of vocal firecrackers includes songs from #1 artists Robbie Rivera, Alyson and one of the hottest new groups Taxi Doll.

  1. Jukebox [Ralphi's Juked House Mix] - Bent Fabric
  2. Take Me Away [Haji & Emanuel Dub Mix] - Haji & Emanuel
  3. All I Gave to You '06 [Pepe D Mix] - Taborah 
  4. Shake [M.P. Tribe Mix]  - Termina Beat 
  5. Discosound [DJ Zuul & De Mose Mix] - Discobump 
  6. Let's Get Happy [Martijn Ten Velden Audio Drive Remix] - Jesse Garcia
  7. In Your Soul [Original Mix] - DJ Paul
  8. Breathe [Cellar Dweelers Vocal] - Danny Howells & Dick Trevor
  9. You Know How to Love Me [Mike Cruz Mix] - Lori Jenaire
  10. Take a Good Look [Hex Hector Club Mix] - Alyson
  11. Waiting [John Rizzo Club Mix] - Taxi Doll
  12. Some Kind of Heaven [Robbie Rivera's Barcelona Remix] - The Rivera project ft: Laura Vane

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