Paul Van Dyk - Best of Volume 1 Double CD (Used)

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Advanced promo (line in barcode) both disc in ex! condition --gatefold sleeve. Now out of print -- and very collectible. 

NOTE: both disc have markings. Great low price due to these marks. 

Disc: 1  Paul van Dyk tracks ft: various artist 

  1. For An Angel [PVD Remix 09]
  2. Home [PVD Club Mix]  - ft: Johnny McDaid 
  3. Let Go [Vandit Club Mix By PVD]  - ft: rea garvey 
  4. White Lies [Album Mix]  - jessica sutta 
  5. Nothing But You [Original Version]  - 
  6. Another Way [PVD Club Mix]
  7. Forbidden Fruit [Original Version]  
  8. Together We Will Conquer [Short Version]
  9. New York City [Album Mix]  - ft: Starkillers, austin leeds 
  10. A Magical Moment [Original Version]  
  11. The Other Side [Original Version] -ft: Wayne Jackson
  12. We Are Alive [Original Version]  - ft: Jennifer Brown
  13. Time of Our Lives [Us Radio Edit]  ft: Vega 4

Disc: 2  - Paul's remixes for other artist 

  1. What Goes Around... Comes Around [Paul Van Dyk Club Mix] - justin timberlake
  2. Elevation [The Vandit Club Mix] - U2
  3. Martyr [Paul Van Dyk Remix]- Depeche Mode
  4. Pictures [Paul Van Dyk Remix] - Timo Maas
  5. Spooky [Out of Order Remix] - New Order
  6. Love Stimulation [Love Mix]  - Humate 
  7. Bring My Family Back [Paul Van Dyk Remix]  - Faithless
  8. Poor Choice of Words (Batman Theme) [Paul Van Dyk Remix]  - Hans Zimmer 
  9. 1998 [Paul Van Dyk Remix]  - Binary Finary 
  10. Still Alive [Paul Van Dyk Remix]  - Lisa Meskovsky
  11. Gimme More [Paul Van Dyk Club Mix]  - Britney Spears 

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