Pebbles - Greatest Hits CD - Used

borderline MUSIC

This out of print collectible gem from 2000 on CD -  Promo (tiny hole in top left corner) 


Love Makes Things Happen (Single Version) 4:31
Always (Single Version) 4:46
It's Alright 4:03
Giving You The Benefit (Single Version) 4:27
Girlfriend (Single Version) 4:16
Backyard (Single Version) 4:14
Mercedes Boy (Single Remix Version) 3:55
Give Me Your Love 4:54
Take Your Time (Single Version) 4:21
I Can't Help It 5:04
Are You Ready? (Single Version) 4:15
Do Me Right (Single Version) 4:07
Why Do I Believe 3:51
Angel 4:55

$ 8.00

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