Pet Shop Boys - Lost Mixes CD

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Artist  Pet Shop Boys
 Title  Lost Mixes 
 Price  $14.98


Collection of rare or out of print REMIXES from the dj series w. full artwork.
Track Listings
  1. Young Offender (jam & spoon trip-o-matic mix)
  2. What Have I Done to Deserve This (shep pettibone mix)
  3. West End Girls (sasha mix)
  4. Se Vida e' (vocal mix)
  5. Parinaro '95 (sharon's sexy Dub mix)
  6. New York City BOY (Almighty mix)
  7. Love Comes Quickly (blank & jones mix)
  8. I wouldn't Normally Do this Kind of Thing (extended)
  9. Can You Forgive her ? (rollo remix)
  10. Before (danny tenagalia classic paradise mix)
  11. Absolutely Fabulous (dull souless dance music mix)

$ 14.98

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