Peter Rauhofer's Club 69 - Adults Only (Various) CD - Used


1995 compilation from the legendary Peter Rauhofer - one of his first releases. Tribal House Beats Vocals by Kim Cooper, Jocelyn Brown, 


Diva  4:04
Let Me Be Your Underwear  6:00 
Sugar Pie Guy  4:40
Pleasure (nothing better) 4:45
Take A Ride 4:25
Fantasy (Deep Dominatrix mix) 7:48
Unique (is what you are) (New York Underground Mix) 5:05
My Secret Wish  4:28  - 
Riding into battle with her high heels on 4:16
Love is the message 9:03
Warm Leatherette  7:22
Diva (Pier Queen Mix) 8:10 
The Theme 

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