Pure Sugar/ Richard 'Humpty' Vission - Pure Sugar -1998 Used CD

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1998 great pop dance album - used CD

Pure Sugar teams singer/songwriter Jennifer Starr with the legendary dance-pop producing/songwriting duo of Richard "Humpty" Visson & Peter Lorimer (the pair are behind at least six #1 club hits, as well as scores of other chart-toppers). This trio have flavor to spare with the tasty acid-funk dance-pop fueled by high-powered house beats on their self-titled debut album. "Delicious." a worldwide smash!  3 hit singles off this release. 



Movin' On

Love you senseless

These are the time

Hold on to my love

The feelin' 98

Hands to heaven


Get to be love

Hands to heaven (DJ Icey's Octane Mix)


Slave to my feelings

No more words 

Very cherry 

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